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Anonymous said: do you have any prized posessions? things that seem meaningless to others but mean a lot to you?

this is how you could describe most of my belongings, but a few of them would be: my teddy bear charlie, an orange metal wheel that was part of the playground near my house that was torn down, the wooden “searls” sign from the intersection of searls / argall in nevada city california, my first dog’s collar (rip), things that were handmade for me by friends, boxes upon boxes of various little objects from my travels, this stupid body that i’m stuck in

Anonymous said: How do you feel about Divorce Lawyers now that it's been a few years since you made it?

i feel mostly the same as i did back then, which is that i’m proud of what me and my friends were able to accomplish together despite many obstacles but also constantly confused / estranged from the work now that it’s “done” and i can no longer touch it. which is to say that mostly i try to stay out of the way of how it gets taken up since because it’s out of my hands, now. honestly i still feel weird and fucked up about the content because it’s all question marks and no answers and it’s ridiculously personal and it was sort of purposefully excessive and i knew that and it was mixed so that you had to confront the words head-on and other such things that maybe i wouldn’t do the same now, although i understand still why i made those choices then. at the time everything was really heavy and overwhelming and everyone involved in this project was dealing with really intense shit and we were all trying as best as we could to be there for each other even though we were all kind of falling apart. i think we all did the best we could for one another and for these songs and for all of the other projects that were made during this time period. i am not surprised by the fact that the record has been misunderstood by some people; it’s a record that’s as confusing as it is confused. what’s been really surprising is the amount of people who have understood it and who have even found hope in it. it’s helped me find some hope in it, too. overall i’m happy that it still seems to have life in it; it is not a dead object; it continues to live and breathe; i do not see it as fixed or final; i am surprised by it, still. it was a community project, a coming together of many very different people, and i think because of that it’s always going to feel “bigger” for me than the other projects i did before it. at least, “separate,” somehow. i think the band did a fantastic job at turning my songs into something listenable which i would have never have been able to do on my own. i don’t know. i don’t want to mythologize or apologize too much and i am bad at articulating these things. that record was all about being confused and honestly, i still am, so…

okay but things need to start getting better now please what the fuck is up with this year

my uncle died yesterday and my head is even more of a mess now

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the new perfume genius is blowing my mind, what the fuck

i was and i felt powerless when you fell over, over and over

Infinite Jest, Page 175: “Here Is How to Be Sorry”



Found erasure poetry from David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest by Jenni B. Baker

"Here Is How to Be Sorry" - an erasure poem from page 175 of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest

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summer is ending and i have no idea who i am anymore