the globe & male

i like my neighbourhood
i like my gun
drive in my little car
i am your girl
and i will protect you

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this is the best conversation i have ever had through this website

i can stop lying
i can stop punching my own face
i can stop stealing money
i can stop hating my own heart
i can do it
i can do it
i can do it
because of you
i can do it
i can do it
i can do it
because of you

i can stop scratching up my cheeks
i can stop drinking so much
i can stop wanting to kill myself
i can stop wanting your perfect heart
i can do it
i can do it
i can do it
because of you

i can start listening
i can start say hi
i can feel something good
little panda mcelroy

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once i thought being lost was only a part of being young
but the old man in the bed next to your cot
was screaming louder than anyone

i reorganized my books.


it was on a drive not unlike this
that I first said I love you.

I guess I really never did think I would
say it again.
I was a shit for thinking that way

because all I’ve wanted to do since
is say it again and again

to everyone

but when I did it was a bad thing.
it was something I had to regret.

there is a field out here
in the middle of nowhere
where maybe I’d like to be buried.
keep that in mind.

the police sirens sound familiar
not just because I know the sound but because
they were in my dream last night, too.

there’s nothing like being stuck
in a car with someone
to remind you of everything you hate
and love about them.

I am glad I still have your shirt
even if I can’t wear it and even if
you can’t wear mine either.

objects in mirror are
closer than they appear.

today’s goals:

1) don’t cry in front of my entire family

how do you fix anything